Zombie’s Treasure Chest

时间限制:1s    【提交】    空间限制:128MB


Some brave warriors come to a lost village. They are very lucky and find a lot
of treasures and a big treasure chest, but with angry zombies.
The warriors are so brave that they decide to defeat the zombies and then
bring all the treasures back. A brutal long-drawn-out battle lasts from morning to
night and the warriors find the zombies are undead and invincible.
Of course, the treasures should not be left here. Unfortunately, the warriors
cannot carry all the treasures by  the treasure chest due to the  limitation of  the
capacity of the chest. Indeed, there are only two types of treasures: emerald and
sapphire.  All  of  the emeralds  are equal in size and value, and with infinite
quantities. So are sapphires.
Being the priest of the warriors with the magic artifact: computer, and given
the size of the chest, the value and size of each types of gem, you should compute
the maximum value of treasures our warriors could bring back.


  There are multiple test cases. The number of test cases T (T <= 200) is given
in the first line of the input file.  For  each test case,  there  is  only one line
containing five integers N, S1, V1, S2, V2, denoting the size of the treasure chest is
N and the size and value of an emerald is S1 and V1, size and value of a sapphire
is S2, V2. All integers are positive and fit in 32-bit signed integers.



  For each test case, output a single line containing  the case number and the
maximum total value of all items that the warriors can carry with the chest.


100 1 1 2 2 
100 34 34 5 3 


Case #1: 100 
Case #2: 86 




Acm 2011 上海